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Dynamic ticket handling

We can start building a simple IT service desk bot to create & assign tickets (using natural language processing & robotic process automation), answer FAQs, and hand over tickets to human agents.

Every day, IT support receives a massive number of ticket requests ranging from requesting a new PC or laptop to updating and changing passwords. IT help desk staff spend most of their time in ticket handling, like categorization, prioritization, and assigning tickets.

It is where the need for AI & Automation occurs. After integrating Bot with the ticket handling function, it automatically classifies tickets to the human agent, depending on the ticket type. It categorizes the tickets based on various factors considering past lessons. ITSM digital agents can transfer the call to a human agent if the intelligent Bot cannot resolve the issue or ticket. It can also provide a complete conversation that has happened to the human agent so far.

Automated self-service portal

IT tech companies cannot hire more human agents with an increase in routine requests & incidents via system & calls.

Using intelligent bots in self-service support functions decreases calls to the IT help desk or people rushing to the IT desk.

Password reset

Password reset is the most common ticket, and IT Help Desk teams will spend 24/7 to handle these issues.

With conversational IT, the IT help desk team can handle low-value tasks like password creations/resets and mechanizes the most common troubleshooting questions & resolution procedures & actions needed. The BOT agents will automatically connect to the back end to set up a temporary password for the employee or user. We can do all these without human agent intervention.

Automated Approval Workflows

The change approvals & service requests are too common in IT service management. As the services agents get busy resolving other issues based on priority, these tickets will get delayed waiting for approvals.

In these cases, conversational IT will redefine workflows. The virtual agents will automate the workflow and provide instant approval by notifying all the approvers and alternative approvers.

Employee or User onboarding or offboarding

Employee or User onboarding or offboarding can be automated using intelligent bots by providing all required resources, guides, and short, actionable steps.

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