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High-Velocity IT: A Fad Or The Future?

While software delivery has adopted an agile mindset, the operations side has not. What is the point of developing applications quickly and efficiently if software delivery is not equally quick? We are only as good as the weakest link. A central integration platform with an architecture that comes with ready plug-ins to the ever-growing landscape of tools across the enterprise is necessary for the next-gen enterprise. From delivering digital engagement applications to providing stable operations with 24/7 availability, IT will need to step up its game. Game on.

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Is It Time To Consider Conversational IT For Your IT Help Desk?

Forrester’s David Johnson states in his employee experience blog that “what makes up employee experience is what they experience every day” and “having the resources they need to succeed in the work their organizations expect of them is paramount.” The next-gen IT service desk sits firmly behind employee productivity, but its success depends on the ease of communication, as well as the speed and quality of resolutions. The IT service desk often sits on the cusp between being a hefty cost center and an employee enabler, contributing to employee happiness by meeting them in the channels of their choice. Equipping the IT help desk with the right tools and technology can benefit every employee in the company.

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What The Future Of RPA Looks Like

Expecting customers to automate all their processes within their company, early RPA vendors offered a full suite of bells and whistles. Now in the wake of the pandemic, clearly the market has expressed a bite-sized appetite for a change instead of the whole buffet. This is where RPA as a service (RPAaaS) comes to the forefront. Being a cloud-first resource, it has none of the transition issues that on-premise platforms have, making the service bite-sized, flexible and scalable. With no prohibitive license costs, no infrastructure costs and no restrictive lock-ins, RPAaaS has become a convenient tool of choice in an enterprise’s automation strategy.

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5 Sure Shot Use Cases, Where You Can Use Conversational IT

Are you still sitting on the fence, whether to move towards conversational IT or chatbots for your IT services? Here we list out the five most common scenarios or use cases, you can implement conversational IT with immense value, at the start itself.

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What are the 3 Key Factors To Consider Before You Start Automation For ITSM

Automation is a powerful buzzword. However, the true value of implementing automation depends upon identifying the correct use cases may it be in business processes or IT processes. Some simple questions should be addressed first, which can eventually become the driving factors for starting the automation journey.

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What The Future Of The Service Desk Looks Like

The future is dynamic; your next-gen service desk should be too. To deal with the changing workplace, the next-gen service desk needs to meet its end users on the channel of their choice with relevant, timely help. An automated service desk can know when to hand off to a human and can become smarter and richer with every query to allow IT to, finally, focus on its core mission instead of on the daily dredge of relentless firefighting.

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7 Important Metrics To Measure & Improve Customer Happiness

Customer Satisfaction is paramount for any IT service management organization. However there are plethora of metrics, but a few which are key to customer happiness and satisfaction. Here we discuss 7 such metrics to track and achieve customer delight.

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What You Need To Know Before Investing In Virtual Support Agents

While there are many general purpose AI-powered systems like IBM Watson or MS LUIS available in the market, these have to be exhaustively trained in IT management before they can be used in a service desk environment. Additionally, these systems will also need to be trained periodically to keep the systems up-to-date. General-purpose AI platform might require a large time investment to train and fulfill the complex IT service desk deliverables.

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