5 Sure Shot Use Cases, Where You Can Use Conversational IT

Are you still sitting on the fence, whether to move towards conversational IT or chatbots for your IT services? Here we list out the five most common scenarios or use cases, you can implement conversational IT with immense value, at the start itself.

2022-11-08T08:01:35+00:00By |Consultant Perspective|

What are the 3 Key Factors To Consider Before You Start Automation For ITSM

Automation is a powerful buzzword. However, the true value of implementing automation depends upon identifying the correct use cases may it be in business processes or IT processes. Some simple questions should be addressed first, which can eventually become the driving factors for starting the automation journey.

2022-11-08T08:01:25+00:00By |Consultant Perspective|

7 Important Metrics To Measure & Improve Customer Happiness

Customer Satisfaction is paramount for any IT service management organization. However there are plethora of metrics, but a few which are key to customer happiness and satisfaction. Here we discuss 7 such metrics to track and achieve customer delight.

2022-11-08T08:00:33+00:00By |Consultant Perspective|
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